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Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism - a term that describes the practice of travelling across international borders to achieve health care has achieved great popularity among the masses recently. It can be broadly defined as provision of cost-effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment.

This exciting new way of receiving medical treatment involves traveling to an advanced facility, having your procedure at a much lower cost, and using the savings to opt for and enjoy a holiday during your recovery.

India Medical Tourism

At present times when developed countries find themselves over-laden with the task of providing proper health care, India is expanding its roots as renowned and trusted global health tourism destination. India has a vast pool of resources in the field of medical science and research supported by facilities of world class standards.

Health Tourism in India is developing trends whereby people from all over the world visit India for various medical treatments and pay a much lesser treatment cost. Compared to many other Medical Tourism countries, India has both the Professional the Technological setup and infrastructure to support it and help stay ahead of its competition for many years.

Key benefits of Medical Tour in India

  • *Top quality healthcare services at low cost
  • *Patients from more than 55 countries treated in India.
  • *Facilities and infrastructure in India at par with international standards.
  • *India has state of the art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors.
  • *India rated among the top 5 favorite tourism destinations worldwide.


Cost of certain treatments in India is as less as 25% of the cost for the same treatment abroad and today, India offers best medical treatments with world class medical facilities at fraction of cost comparatively.

Budding Infrastructure

By 2015, an annual growth rate of 30% is expected to be experienced by India’s medical tourism sector making it a Rs. 9,500-crore industry. Reduced costs, latest medical technologies and a growing acquiescence on international quality standards are the advantages that medical tourists can bag in India. Also, the fact that foreigners are not likely to face a language barrier in India, gives this country an edge over other nations.

Medical Facilities in India

Medical offerings in India are comprehensive, specializing in the full spectrum of surgical and high-end medical procedures. India caters to its guests with a range of medical packages like dental care, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic, heart surgery and more.

Highlights of the Medical Tourism in India

  • *Globally qualified and experienced super specialists and experts.
  • *Great infrastructure and several latest equipments.
  • *Strict regulations for blood safety and infection control processes.
  • *Expertise in every field offering treatment in sync with traditional systems, modern technology and a warm affectionate touch.
  • *Cost effectiveness of medical treatment packages is the key factor that lists India as the most preferred health healing destination in the international medical science.

Professionals from India are involved in all the major fields playing an essential role in developed as well as developing nations. After achieving expertise in rest of the tourism industry, eLand Holidays have become active in area of medical tourism. We, medical tourism travel agent have developed relationship with some of the best hospitals in the country. Our services start way before you land here as we get in touch with patients or their representatives pre arrival. We identify and fix up the essential resources like pertinent hospitals/doctor, assist India tour and accommodation.

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