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Indian Maharaja Train Information

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India is an enigma. Meandering through a series of exotic places with deep history, culture and heritage attached to them the places in India has everything to offer. Indian Maharajas the thriving luxury train in India is a perfect embodiment of all qualities synonymous with the best 5 star hotel in motion. Standing apart in personalized services, facilities and distinguished patronage, this train has played host to several tourists from all over the world.
The luxury train tourism is on a high splendor mode and there is no stopping them. Indian Maharaja commenced its golden trail in the beginning of 2010. Every aspect dipped in romance, charm and beauty, Indian Maharaja has not stopped to transport people into heaven on wheels with innumerable luxuries and comforts. As another jewel in the tiara of Indian Railways, it gives a new definition to travelling extravaganza.
Feel like the mighty king who had everything in front of him the moment he desired for it. Indian Maharaja also treats the guests in the same manner. With its imperial furnishings, a choice of a fair gastronomy and pleasant mannered staffs, this train journey has absolutely no comparison including those worldwide known ones.

Facilities On Board – Indian Maharaja

Indian Maharaja is one of the most ultramodern Indian luxury trains. The facilities onboard indicate that it is way ahead of time. Some of the facilities include large LCD TV's, exotically styled furniture, DVD players, wall carpeting, direct dial phones and wireless internet. The train also has a gym, lounge, multi cuisine bistros, valet services and many others. Name an Indian or Continental or Chinese dish, it will appear at your table. The two restaurant cars vie with each other to tickle the taste buds of the travelers with mouthwatering cuisine.
Indian Maharaja has a huge conference hall so capacious that it can seat 50 guests at a time. It is updated with internet facilities, printer, telephone, and satellite communications. The train has a vast library which has a very good collection of great works of literature and magazines. The train simply takes care of all your said and unsaid needs like giving you an opportunity to unravel your soul in the bar, fully equipped gym and Ayurvedic treatment and spa. Each passenger car has a lounge where the guests can relax and have a tranquil time.